I am pro-life also and maybe if people thinking of aborting read this it will change their mind...I hope children deserve a chance at life

(((Abortion Kills!))) (A Child's Voice~)

Please don't kill me mommy
Just what have I done?
It wasn't my fault you got pregnant
It was your fault for having "fun."

Now I have to pay for what you did
Abortion clinic, but why
You may not know it now but when you go
I will know and cry.

I want to come into the world
And I want to be a part
Why can't I gain entrance
Into my mommy's heart.

You want to know something?
I'll soon have your blond hair
And also your sky blue eyes
Does that make you want to care?

Please don't do this mommy
Abortion is not the only choice
Why can you not love me?
And use your own debating voice.

I know that you care
I know you really want me
Why does dad get to choose
The way that it should be?

He says he's not ready
But what about you?
Yes I can hear you
I have feelings too!

I may only be a fetus
Only twelve weeks along
But every night I hear you
Sing your sorrowful song.

You cry all night
Wrapped in the sheet
Ashamed to tell him
The decision you meet.

Abortion kills and you know this
But today I'm three years old
I am glad you finally saw the truth
And I love that you became bold.

Dad is here and he is great
A natural daddy of course
I am so glad that after your chat
He felt such remorse.

Just think if you had aborted
I would not be here today
Who knows where you and dad would be
And know I thank God every day.

Poetry by Kristina
Read 537 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 13:08

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