i guess its all over now, i hate you fate............

its all now a past.............

the way you cared,
the way you shared,
has now bwcome a past,
with nothing more to last.

those moments are gone,
when we walked along,
hands in hands,
arms in arms,
when we walked along the streets,
and ran across the farms,

when you hugged me really tight,
and talked to me all night,
when you waited for me to eat,
no matter be cold or heat.

when you laughed on my every joke,
and eared every word i spoke,
when u didn't find me bore,
when with love you would adore,

when i held a place in your life,
when u wanted to become my wife.

alas ! now my fair tale seems nearing its end,
i fear this will make me bend,
cuz all those moments,
all your love,
has now become a past,

.................with nothing more to last

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 960 times
Written on 2007-03-06 at 17:31

Tags Sad 

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Amna Ehsan
Hey man! your state seems simillar with mine. i wish we both could let go the bygone and through our words show the world that love has its own subtle strength that seems weakness to surroundings. Cheers!

Kathy Lockhart
Zee you have expressed your sorrow due to lost love very well. I might add that your life has just begun and things will look better before you know it. Learn from the past, live in the present, and look to the future. Our pasts cannot control us if we don't let them. You are a very handsome young man with a beautiful heart and I know love will knock on your door again. (cyber mom) kathy