A souvenir for a memorably much-cherished mood-swinging winter of my life...

The Solemn Winter Moods

The shimmering sunlight comes creaking the window,
Wimpy eyes complaining;the body twisted in the cold;
The lazy blankets roll off,unwillingness and hatred growing in folds!!

The desolate trees stand;the leaves braving the wind,
Everything numbed by the ruthless chill;
Praying for the sun to burn bright,
Getting drenched in the magical daylight!

Seconds fly away;the cold dews in the daily routine;
The soul rests in the winter chimera-fantasises on dejavu...
Fog unveils the gray sky;but nothing beats the cold;
The victimised emotions,the tamed moods grapple in its hold!

The afternoon has never been so quick;
And the sun has never crossed the vertical unnoticed,
The after-noon blues start haunting,
And the distant horizon starts fading;
The moody sun starts setting beyond the virtual clouds,
The brightness,the heat,the energy all lost in shroud!

The dark night-domineering and autocratic,lands finally;
Spreading tentacles of chill,mystery and silence;
The world seems obscure,dead and reluctant mercilessly,
I stay awake till late night,a night so long....
I let my emotions grow,intermingle and throng;
And enjoy the macabre silence before I fall asleep.

Poetry by suraj
Read 446 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 08:23

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