This is an ENIGMATIC poem about MICHAEL CRETU....ENIGMA is his brainchild.
Just felt like writing a poem for such an amazing music artist and his extramundane voyage through the realms of layered music.
Any enigma fans here???


HE dreamt,HE realised
HE blended,HE hypnotised,
Brought out the apparition,the spirits,
The limitless,the eternity;
And the endless infinity
In his realms of creation
Like an angel's dream in integrity.

Such extraterrestrial emotions you create
Through the dark magical spell of your music;
You make us feel everything else is a mirage,
You and your music the only surviving truth;

No earth,no life
No time,no space,
No existence,no trace;
Your platonic music seems to take us
Far away from the worldly pace;
Beyond the materialistic world
Where people soothe in your grace.

Lose thyself in the vortex of a distant earth;
Fly off far away,
In search of a rebirth,
We are false, we are doomed in cynicism,
Sacrifice your life for CRETUISM!

Poetry by suraj
Read 899 times
Written on 2007-07-18 at 06:23

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