In a situation,
When you are not sure of yourself;
Your capability, your magnanimity,
You should know,
Its time to leave others breathless in your wake,
By your indefatigability, by your incredibility.

In a situation,
When you start hating the way,
Everything had always been;
You start doubting yourself
And your marked difference,
You should know,
Its the flaming ardor within
Fidgeting to burn out all, in its resplendence.

In a situation,
When you find yourself swept under the carpet,
You should know,
Its has not yet been late;
That you appeared lost and you have realized-
Its the stubborn you, the so-very passionate you,
Burned with the desperate fire,
Who can unshackle the chains of sanity;
In the ecstasy of overpowering all,
To assert an undisputed superiority.

Poetry by suraj
Read 936 times
Written on 2008-03-14 at 17:11

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