dedicated to my ephemeral moods...i am high in the sky and suddenly deep down the ocean...relentless mood swingings leave me dazed...i know no escape,no intermediates...

Digital Emotions

Countless like the stars,
Hazy and mysterious like the clouds;
As ephemeral as the fireworks,
My emotions that grow and fade behind the shroud.

For a moment,vibrant like the summer sun;
The next moment,gloomy like the monsoon sky,
Wondering like raining tears among all the fun,
I recoil,I tear apart,I m off,I fly.

I smell the unavoidable lowness,I sigh,
Crucified in an inexorable predicament,
I escape to an world of dreams,and I m once again high,
Realising the inevitable futility,I cry ,I lament.

What if I were always happy and I knew what I want!
What if I were always free of worries and tension!
What if I were stable,I were complacent!
What if I were not left wondering in the aimless horizon!

Its me,its mood,its revelation,
And sadness in utter fluctuation,
Help me survive the digital emotion!

Poetry by suraj
Read 464 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 13:28

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