lost interest in everything...an introspection...

To Mental Inactivity...with love...

Its all but whims,whims of sheer adamancy,
Its all but dreams,dreams of illicit fantasy!
While everything is silent,i freak out in lunacy,
Lets conjure up the magical idiosyncrasy!

I am always at my capricious exclusive,
And a bastion weather is infectiously inductive,
But i still retain the previous stains,so very seductive,
That i know everything else other than reality is elusive.
I am wearing an afterlife glass,trying to vide beyond,
Beyond the obvious,beyond the spiel,as a vagabond,
I am incomplete,searching for complete raymond,
For the pains,for the restlessness,for something worth a diamond!
Every moment inflates into an hour,
Every change oh-so sweet turns sour,
Everything is so ephemeral as a flower,
Its not late when NOW becomes a souvenir.
A soul so unstable for evrything so unforgettable,
Goofing off in pipe dreams,so very unpredictable,
I wanna fly away,and eschew the self so insatiable,
If only i knew what I want could I land in a cradle.
The after-now blues nurture me,leave me in afterglow,
Lost and marooned,dazed and confused,execrating the daily flow!
And mental decadence starts preying when everything turns slow,
Anyone explain me the depth of everything so hollow!

What is it that leaves me in tears?
What is it that helps me fight against the fears?
What is it that I find so intricate,so mine?
Perhaps the feeling of my existence everywhere is divine.

...And so I keep gazing at the sun,
Any one there?save me from the burn!
I show you how reluctant I am,how muddled I am,
But do i deserve this sweet revenge in return?

Poetry by suraj
Read 775 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 14:09

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