Stoned In Love

And as I totter the love-desert,
Spilled sands of love burn bright,
The sun of desire has smoldered me in fright,
I can only vide the tired horizon in my sight.

Where are the clouds of solace?
Where are the oasis of comfort?
Where are the shadows to embrace
For a soul,so lost,so reckless?

And I am a babe in the wood,
I should have learnt by now,
That there is no compass to track the past,
And fake guides of mirage would only make me brood!

I am a burnt out stone,
Braving the heat of the desert,
I have had enough to leave me in fibre and bone,
Now I dont know if I really care,
What once I pined for,now I want to revert.

Poetry by suraj
Read 738 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 18:07

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