Today everything went wrong,
I really wonder if the world had to come crashing down all at once
I was really left in tears and hence this mournful song.

Tearful Today

The last night I cried myself to sleep
I had a dream of my memories,tearful and hazy
I could sense the loss,all very intense and deep
Today my eyes still retain tears,heavy and dizzy.

There was a tiredness in the sky
And the sun hid behind the clouds
I could see the lazy birds fly
I could hear the winds sigh.

I hit the day off with a bruise
Unprepared to get assaulted any more
Everything went wrong
I was left marooned in the expectation shore
I was left frail,dazed and in gore.

The others kept enjoying
I watched them across the barbed wire
I wondered if it was worth sharing with anyone out there,
They seemed devoid of emotions,
And me burning with anguish and fire.

And so badly hurt at the days end
I stumbled across the lanes
Nothing seems perfect
As I keep gazing through the broken window panes.

Today is over
And I am heart-broken,left so frozen
I wonder if the sun comes out turning everything sobre
And drowns my despair,my fears
I can only hope,but I cant help shedding tears.

Poetry by suraj
Read 735 times
Written on 2007-03-19 at 16:16

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"left marooned at expectation's shore"

and there i wanted to cry...

very touching Suraj!