These are some of my thoughts on society.

Look in the Mirror

Our culture mirrors present day fashions and ideas. One person’s suggestion about what could be possibly “cool” commands the stage. One could wonder why this is such a big deal. What mold do we have to conform to? What questions do we have to ask? Why does our culture have such an obsession with trying to attain “perfection?” Happiness is what you make of it. Perfection is what you make of it.

            Present day high school is a perfect example of this deception in motion. Every high school has its own clique. Who is popular matters and while many people don’t want to admit it, it’s all a big Popularity Contest. It almost seems as if people on a lower level can’t attain the popular crowd because of a standard set by society. What qualifies someone as popular? Is it your look, your status in society or your connections and friends that decide this? There doesn’t seem like there is a clear cut answer.

            Girls are the first culprits. They see the images transmitted through a T.V screen telling them that perfection is right around the corner if you buy this, look like this, and make these changes to their personality. This “coolness” fire is only fed by the peer pressure felt by the people around you and your friends. Should it matter who you are?  What image you present to the rest of the world? In reality it’s not really about what you want, it’s about what everyone else thinks of you. Whether it is your hair, nails, chest, legs, or thighs its all for your friends. Yet when you are behind closed doors your façade comes down. It no longer about what the outside world thinks about you. It could be about the guy who you secretly have a crush on. It’s about what you can do to make him notice you. The mistake that girls make is sacrificing dignity, respect, and friends all for one person. If you did get the guy then how “real” is the love that you’re being shown. How long will he tolerate being around you. Once the reason he wanted you dissipates you’re left heartbroken or confused.

            Guys don’t have in much easier. Like girls guys are expected to conform to societies expectations; having the best in clothing, being a strong individual or being so in touch with the thuggery, vernacular, and rap lifestyle. If you don’t fit in, then you’re not cool. Guys like girls also have to deal with the stereotype that seems to follow. Without thinking about it television influences us more than our friends and because of this trend we seem more inclined to emulate or copy what the mainstream says.  Nothing says that blacks can’t have dreams and excel or decide to do something with their life, just as nothing says that whites have to hold true to being perfect and speaking proper English. Life is truly what you make of it and High School isn’t the final resting point. When you leave High School it’s a transition from the pond to the ocean and no one is going to pay special attention to you. You have to make something of yourself when you get out into the real world.

            Celebrities are no different than you or me. What sets them apart from the rest of the world is their status, the fact that they’re in the limelight. We sit at home for hours on end watching television just to view the highlights rather the suffering they endure. The entertainment value may be high but what can be obtained by these images; in reality nothing. Our culture is so involved with the drama of other people’s lives that we never really seem to focus on our tribulations and issues that we encounter everyday. This trend is perpetuated even more by technology that helps and even impedes us. Human interaction falls while isolation rises. People think that with the use of technology that it would be easier to communicate with the people around you. That’s the thing, the word interaction has two different forms; Interaction meaning to be able to talk to someone and physical interaction where you are actually right there with that person. While technology has increased interaction it has decreased physical interaction which is important for everyone to experience.

            Like what was stated earlier, we are influenced by TV and our friends. The most influential time is Adolescence. This is what the mainstream market towards; these in combination with peer pressure make a powerful life changing force. Your friends decide who you are, what kind of person you are. Individuality is something that you’ve had since you were born and time chooses the kind of person you will become. Individuality means that you stand alone and have something that defines you. Many people lose sight of that to the constant peer pressure and advertisements that surround them daily.      

            Society has become so concerned with what is currently in and popular that the individuality that we all been born with withers and falls away. There are people that sacrifice what’s good for everyone else for what’s good for them. They follow their own style and way of doing things. These people aren’t weird they're different. 

            To be able to say that being an individual stands above everything else is very difficult to do without being derided by society and people that are more “popular” than you. You only have one life and it shouldn’t be spent trying to please the mainstream since that is continually changing. You only have one life and it shouldn’t be spent depriving yourself of potential and possible brilliance. You have one life, one opportunity, one chance to not only show yourself but the world that you are an individual and  have something the contribute to the betterment of society.     

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I applaud you ...... and say this so true what you write ... and unfourtunately the Ocean is not all that different from the pond, many people stay in the comfort zone all their life, acting on what they belive will give them the most advantages .. short term.. in life ... but still it is an Ocean not a pond so the chanse of finding a good spot for yourself is easier .....

Your thoughts are very well written without hard words they really tell the truth, as I see it, about the pressure that people have today of being "perfect" on the outside, always living up to a fixed way of looking and living ...

and as you say ... at the end of the day ... do we not want someone to love us for what we are and not what we could mold into ...

could you not publish this in your Hig School news paper ?

You write very well and get your thoughts through in a very good way.

Well done
best wishes

people often say they do not care
what other's think of them, yet of
course they do,


popularity, we all have the desire to be liked and fit in with the people and surroundings we find ourselves in, this is natural, it has not changed that much with attitudes i think over time with that respect. i think friends and yourself create popularity, we do it in different ways, we find what we are good at and show off to an extent the fact we are good at that.

television, it is entertainment, news of the world and a learning curve, we do put too much value to it though i think, it has become something most in the first world countries would find hard to do without. also it is a tool yes, saying to society be like this or that etc. people often say they do not care what other's think yet of them, of course they do, we are human, we have emotions, we want to be liked so if someone does not like us it makes us feel sad about that.

we all have individuality, okay we have common traits but we are still unique within ourselves, by individual characteristics. i don't think individuality withers away, there will always be some who stand back from the mainstream, but looking at the general way, perhaps yes. it is a funny old world, we are encouraged to be unique and individual but as soon as we do stand out we are targeted by those seeing our difference, jealousy maybe playing its games.

a good thoughtful piece, i did notice some errors which i have noted below.

"perfection"? - "perfection?"
Whether is your hair - Whether it is your hair
societies expectations - society's expectations
thugery - thuggery
the fact that their in the limelight. - the fact that they are or they're in the limelight.
just to view the highlight rather the suffering they endure.- the flow here is awkward, perhaps saying - just to view the highlights rather than the suffering they endure.
Our culture so involved with the drama - Our culture is so involved with the drama...
tribulations and issue that was encounter everyday - tribulations and issues that we encounter everyday
That's the thing the word interaction - That's the thing, the word interaction
by society and people that are "popular" than you. - more "popular" do you mean here?