The bliss of crying out a heaving heart.

Let It Rain

Everytime it pined to rain
To relieve the heart heaved with pain
The sun came up to heal the stain
To all its disdain;
Only to lament for the much-needed rain.

Everytime clouds form
They are swept away by the storm
But today no power could deform
The clouds;heavy,dark and uniform.

The sky burst aloud with thunders
And the clouds of pain tore asunder
The blissful rain came down
To calm the fire of million blunders.

Let it rain...
Let the clouds refrain
Untill the oceans overflow
And the nature smiles in afterglow.

Poetry by suraj
Read 741 times
Written on 2007-03-20 at 18:36

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Amanda K
this is so musical and valuable.rain does reach our souls and do the healing at once.

keep it up