a Poem about what general society precieves as beauity, im asian, and when i was young, yes it's cliche, but i did wish i had blond hair and so on. but i like my dark hair now, i hope you enjoy. and get the meaning of it. thank you for reading, *bow*


Oh im gonna be like Barbie,
dye my hair, make it gold,
take away the fat so i never look old,
all my smiles will be painted on,
and all my jewerly, i will own,

a perfect figure,
dress me,
starve me, and,
make me a barbie,

i'll never have tears,
they'll all be diamonds,
a body fixed,
like all my friends,
i'll be selfish,
like i am hollowed,

plumb my lips,
Hour glass hips,
my body plastic,
but i'll be fantastic,

carve my skin,
lock the fridge
so i'll stay thin,
all my smiles
will be a cringe,

i won't be ugly,
cause i'll be barbie.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1039 times
Written on 2007-04-09 at 18:11

Tags Barbie  Looks  Ugly 

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Gothic geisha
i have little time to comment heh, but thank you for reading. and yes i agree, thats why i wrote the poem. i don't agree with it, it's more scarcasm. i suppose.

Rob Taylor
I honestly hope that you do not believe this. There are too many girls who are conned into starving, killing themselves to look like a toy. This piece hit me. Very good work!