Changing Self

Void and pain
Making me insane;
When cries resound,
In memories abound,
No one hears,
The silent tears.

No one there , no one to care,
Because healing cant cure,
And it is to endure;
Everyone tried for sure
To comfort me and make me mature
But it was I who was demure.

Perhaps they still care,
But I am worthless to share;
They dont understand me though,
And put me aside so.
Perhaps they are no more the same,
Though I thought they would remain
I didnt care at first,
And thus came the pain,
I know I can no longer refrain.

And now they must be wondering
Why am I acting as I used to do before?
Why do I keep coming back for more?
Because I want to put an end to the furore.

So I decided to move on,
Forgot if I was ever forlorn;
Drifted from what is now past
I have changed at last.

Poetry by suraj
Read 784 times
Written on 2007-04-12 at 16:41

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betsy Firefly
Change eventually comes to he who tries, prays and waits...

Suraj Hua maddam.... Namaste!

great piece a few things here and there:
line 7: space missing
line 8: can't
line 13: space missing
line 15: don't
line 19: didn't
line 23: "I"
line 24: I think you mean "Why do I keep coming ..."
Some places miss question marks, you may want to review that.

I enjoy it, the recounting of the emotions, just that the ending made me feel like all the pain was just too long. Or maybe it is because the change did not take away the sadness or forlorn karma around it.