Final Judgement

I now understand that love isn't fair

I wanted the truth and it wasn't there

Is my heart a wonderland for your pain

Does your smile leave me anything to gain

Will talking to you make my sky above grey

Will reaching out my hand make you run away

What is love to you and what does it mean

How long will it take before you flee the scene

I'm tired of wanting something that isn't there

I'm tired of this poison your lies put in the air

I want the freedom from your ever lasting chains

I want a fresh start from the winters rains

Will these questions I ask set me free

I'm now at the door, all I want is the key

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 768 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 04:26

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Great work. Very sad. I could feel the pain of your words. All anyone wants is the key.
Wonderful poem.

that poem was really touching aaron. it was so full of emotion that it made me want to cry. You did a very good job on it.
p.s. sorry it's been so long since i commented one of your poems, i haven't been on in a while.
-luv yaz, jessie.

Amanda K
very thoughtful and wonderful


yoonoos peerbocus
inner analysis wonderfully done