this poem, is about, how many people feel so silenced about just about anything. and can't speak up about it, and if people were able to speak up, it'd be like a world record!


A world Record!

A world record, a world record!
Oh what world record will you break?
will it be in a book? so others can look?
will it be in the news? so otheres can use?
oh what world record will you break?
what courage will you take?
will it be shamefull? will you be pridefull?
will they boast, and give you a toast?
will they roast, and make you a ghost?
Oh what world record will you break?
i will be the record of.. silence!

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 607 times
Written on 2007-05-01 at 18:55

Tags World  Record  Silence 

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