And I promised to be wise
Much before the sunrise
To achieve something
Before my sad demise
Only to be unfolded in disguise
That i was once again unwise.

A thousand times did i think
A thousand times did i resolute
To shed off the dusts of laziness
To start off with hundred jobs
Only to lie everyone in the blogs!

An inexorable reluctancy
That slams on the brakes
Every time i rage with despondency
I hope to be a pro
To glide past this inconsistency.

By the time the midnight blues spawn
I have already rebelled.
By the time the stars yawn
I have already revelled.

So here glows once again
The "promising" eastward window
Though the warmth devoid of sensitivity
And the brightness too morose to shadow
The birds vanishing in the distant sky
And turn yellow the grasses
The spider cobwebbing infinity
And i sit and brood
What do they signify
Never watching the second that passes.

Is it all so meaningless
Or just the procrastinating me
Losing out on the innuendo??
So do the clouds fade
Desperate to hide the shameless facade.

Poetry by suraj
Read 738 times
Written on 2007-05-19 at 20:52

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