The feel-good thermometer
Was lying under the sky
Rusted by the rain
Battered by the cold
Ransacked by the storm
Had age-old mosses to hold;
Until one fine day
The fahrenheit swelled.

All of a sudden there is a celebration
A heavenly mirth back on the earth
Energy,pleasure and invigorated souls
Rejuvenated by the heat
Showered by the sunshine-bliss
Enough reasons to light up the forgotten smiles
Enough reasons to iron out the woebegone crease.

The urchin is back
To take the world on stride
Bereft of worries,tears and despair
Under the burning sky;to justify
That its time to heal,to feel good,to repair
Our lackluster souls
To rage under the newly charged sun
To exasperate in the fahrenheit;
Extradite;recalibrate the undone!

Poetry by suraj
Read 686 times
Written on 2007-05-21 at 10:37

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