Not In A Good Mood...

Yes I Know Not A Good Peace Of Work

But It Will Have To do

Is This Life Of Love A Lie?

You Say You Wouldn't Do It But You Did.

You Put That On Our Love...

You Think That Im Cheating But Im Not...

No Longer One With The World

but One With Two Peaces Of A Heart

Crying My Heart And Soul Out For You,

The One I Love With This Broken Heart

I Asked You To mend My Heart,

But All you Did Was Bend It till It Broke

I Gave It All For You,

And In Return...

Not Even An I Love You...

Makes Me Feel Like I Have Just Been Used.


Love The Broken Poet. 


Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 989 times
Written on 2007-06-05 at 07:11

Tags Blue  Crying  Leftout 

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