Part 6th of my series (Aly)

Trust is the Broken Mirror

Trust had been the one thing
That I hadn’t been able to do
After those last shards hurt me
My faith was broken too
I've lived in this place of mirrors
To keep to myself and I
Knowing to keep myself safe
On trust I couldn’t rely
I've tried extending myself
To the world to try and see
If trust was a beauty that is attained
Or just a worthless plea
One mirror broke I lost it all
Another broke I took the fall
All mirrors cracked just the same
I've fallen for this trusting game
I've gave my heart and got rejected
With this failure I've been infected
Trust was a deal I made with my friends
The only deal I could make
Because I knew that down the road
These mirrors could never break
I lie here today with reflections of now
Staring me right in the face
I wanted to trust the outside world
Yet lost to that embrace
I can’t erase yesterday’s faults
The pain felt deep inside
Naïve to think trust held kindness
And I went along for the ride
These mirrors here will always reflect
The shattered remains of my past
With time I’ll learn to trust again
Though the memory will always last

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1716 times
Written on 2007-07-10 at 02:49

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Lea Foverskov
i truly hope she will learn to trust again, although i've heard it's the one thing difficult to regain. (sorry, not meant to hurt you or your friend...) beautiful - i love this idea of the broken mirrors and this piece reminds me somehow of shakespeare's hamlet - some of his monologues (without the increasing sense of madness)