The 12th Installment of my series (Patricia)

Stars in My Sky

Up in the sky I slowly look down
On the sights and sounds in the city
What man has created amazes me so
The mountains and lakes so pretty
In the infinite heavens I make my home
Living a life so gentle and free
I’m blessed to view all creation
The mysteries and wonders of the sea
Through my life many stars have fallen
My friends, my family all too soon
I've taken haven in self control
The lunar sparkle of the moon
The fallen stars I now call them
Each takes memory in my heart
I’ll never forget the time well spent
All starlit memories never part
Each night when I light the sky
My heart goes out to the ones
Who’ve lost a star in their life
The cousins, daughters, and sons
My shining star was close to me
On that very faithful day
My heart cried out a thousand
Times before they went away
Every night I prayed inside
That they’d come back to me
Yet all I have are the memories
That take their place among the sea
So each night before I go to sleep
I caress the sea’s soft coast
And tell the star that fell from the sky
How much I love them the most
I’ll never forget the infinite beauty
That man instilled among the land
I want them to know that I loved them
Only that they must understand

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 2107 times
Written on 2007-07-14 at 06:45

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This is a wonderful poem, can't believe am just going through this lovely poem. You really expressed the beauty of nature, is touchy too.

Colin Skilton
as the sands unwind so the picture becomes clearer.
Aaron a beautiful next chapter to this work full of sadness yet beauty and joy and
Such deep feelings and well spent and written
Bless you for sharing with us.

Lea Foverskov
my first comment was written as an ignoramus. a second comment is called for, for this text is beautiful, perhaps the best one of your series. because you are not quite so explicit about the life of Patricia, but rather focus on what you want to say with the poem, what is central to patricia's life. you take this poem to another level.

oh, this was such a great poem!
It's written with such a great flow.
I like how you describe nature, because
I think USA is a beautiful country
(where do you live?)
and the message and the story
in this poem is amazing
you shall be satisfied

Lea Foverskov
Hi Aaron - of course I'd read your text! I read it earlier on, actually, but clearly I had to return to it because I think I understand better now.

It is a poem that needs several readings because (sorry!) it's a little bit jumbled up and confusing. But on the other hand, it wins on a closer acquaintance. It has many layers and many aspects to it - man's creations, God's (?) creation, the stars and what they represent to each individual, and lost ones that we love.

But what I like most about this poem is not it's many facets but that I think it means something to you personally. I know the feeling of writing a poem and feeling tht this really is a part of you and expresses you - but they are not always the most "readable" poems, not always the ones most appreciated by others. But I love that I can read that in the text, it is a forceful expression of that.

So thank you!