15th Installment of the series (Laura)

So I'll Hold You Tight

In the days that I was a child
I was given a Chestnut colored bear
It gave me strength when I was alone
Shelter when my parents weren’t there
They loved me with all their heart
This prayer I knew they would pray
I felt I lost my entire world
When they fell that autumn day
I grabbed my chestnut teddy bear
And held his fur real tight
For I cried and cried tears of sorrow
That long and dark autumn night
Many years after that tragic event
I was lucky enough to find love
It filled the gapping void in my heart
Like the faith in the sky above
Still my teddy bear was there for me
Even after I left my child state
I had grown up and out now
For the real world couldn’t wait
Married with someone who gave me the stars
I still had my actions that drove them insane
My faithful bear bared no opinion
So I knew he couldn’t complain
I tried so hard to impress the world
That I thought I was ready for
Yet in haste I was quickly singed
And that downfall hurt my core
Even in spirit my teddy was there
And in compassion locked me in embrace
His undying love to comfort the weary
Erased the tears off my face
My brown bear never did care
About my actions or opinions of others
He was as selfless as the biggest heart
He felt like my sibling my brother
Now I've been blessed to have kids
And have given my brown bear to them
I knew in time it would become a symbol
A best friend, partner, and gem

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1057 times
Written on 2007-07-19 at 06:38

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Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
How wonderful Aaron !
Enjoyed every word.

Kathy Lockhart
Aaron this is superb! The gentleness, the sweetness, the poignancy merge together to create a beautiful poem.

God this touched me in so many ways!!! A definite bookmark!!!