Hurt me so

Why couldn't I stop loving?
Why couldn't I stop feeling?
'Coz I knew it could hurt me so
It could let me go
But it's been a risk to love you
'Coz you were always in his bed
While I imagine you in my head
It began hurting by longing you
Why does it always hurt me so?
It hurts... it's you.

I see my face in the mirror and one tear does reveal
I must admit how much I want you here
But I need to be sincere 'coz you won't love me
It's impossible to make you feel
My whisper in your ear when you don't wanna hear
Don't you see you hurt me so deep?
Don't you see some tears are breaking me?
So it's you and it's hard to try to sleep.

I need to leave you 'coz I really need to give in
It seems to be a dream 'coz when I am in
You're here so deep within
While he has you at night
And I try to sleep in this cold fight.

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 719 times
Written on 2007-08-01 at 15:08

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deeply written and great writing style
liked it alot you have soul