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How to hate: One thing my mom never taught me



I can never hate anyone. No matter how much they hurt me. I’m just made like that.

Hate is not something I have learnt.

I know the words that love requires

And the silences it inevitably acquires

But I’ve never looked hate in the face.

I couldn’t tell if it was standing right in front of me.


I could hate if I wanted to. Maybe I already do. But I don’t know that I’m doing it. Maybe it’s what I’ve done all my life with people who have hurt me.

I’ve dubbed it.

Called it hurt

They’re synonymous, aren’t they?

hate, hurt


I should hate people who

Hurt me

That’s my rule

But I can’t

I haven’t learnt how

to be bitter

to mutter curses

to not be able to face them

but that’s cowardly.

That would be extremely shameful

Why should I hide away

I hate, I hurt

Or they hurt, I hate

Or they hurt because they hate?

I don’t know hate

I can’t recognize it.

I’m naïve

Unaware of

Indifferent to


Hate-does it induce hurt?

Hurt-does it induce hate?


Diary by Inspired
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Written on 2007-09-12 at 21:29

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Hurt is hurt. It is a feeling. Just is....But anger, hate, and fear perhaps is all part of a bitter pill. Some say that forgiveness is the remedy. Many times I've hurt, but lately anger and its sisterhood of hate have stood at my door. Never I thought I could feel so sore. I wish one could buy forgiveness at the store. :)