Don't Tell Me To Stay

You paint a smile upon my face
Try to disguise the damage you've done
The pieces of my heart lie all over the place
Gotta pick them up and run
Run away
As fas as I can get from you
Break these chains
Find something that's true

I take your pictures off my wall
But your face is still emblazoned in my mind
I gave my best; I gave it all
So I know moving on will take a long time
But you start saying everything I've been needing to hear
And my trail of thought just disappears

You always find a way
Of getting under my skin
You find the exact things to do and say
And I can't help but let you back in
That's not gonna happen, no not again
I'm not sorry, It's not me
And I don't wanna be friends

Don't tell me don't go
Don't tell me you'll change
Cuz' we both know
Everything is gonna be the same
Don't tell me don't leave
Don't say it'll be okay
Cuz' you're gonna keep doing the things you do
At the end of the day
So don't tell me to stay....

Poetry by April S
Read 775 times
Written on 2007-10-04 at 15:03

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Strong real write

Very much enjoyed the Read

wow April this poem is mind blowing to say the least,I can always relate to your work,keep at it girl Your a natural !!!!
hugs Nature