Life is a Beach, so many grains

Heart and Soul

Where is my heart?
Is it here ? Or in some other part
Of life or mind or what?
My emotions what are they ? Are they me?
Or are they electronic signals
Created by surrounding media?
Sights, sounds reactions to alien data
A comfort zone of familiar use
(Do you have a fag with your morning coffee ?)
I did, for many years.
Then my son got educated and I tried to follow him.
No luck
That's me I've always been kinda dim.
A Working man, good at what I do, but brainy stuff!!
Phoo---hooo .
I can build a Factory , a ship or a Motor car.
But use my brain ? That's just going a bit too far.
I love to paint, but an ARTIST!!--- I AIN'T
Because I have not been to college
And so don't have the KNOWLEDGE
But I can write and maybe put words together
That others can read and may make some sense of
Or take comfort in that they TOO are worthy of their own efforts.
My last words are
Don't give up.

Words by Ropawil
Read 645 times
Written on 2007-10-08 at 19:29

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beautiful text
it gives the hope