where'd you go?

where'd you go?
it's been so long, since you've been gone
I wonder, where'd you go?
you see, I ask; cause I don't know

I suppose I have no new words to say
I talk about it all the time
yet the feeling won't go away
it's like; maybe if I write alot about how
I miss you so much
maybe then you'll come back, now
I know that doesn't make much sense
but you left without saying goodbye
and that doesn't make much sense either
so I write many songs; and some poems
and everyday I wonder what you're doing
through it all, I try to let go
but it's hard, you know? so,
I go on blundering and never stop wondering
where'd you go?

Poetry by matt
Read 624 times
Written on 2007-11-05 at 16:22

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Edgar John Jackson
I lived the same experience of having the person i loved with all my heart and then she left with no reasons to blame, forgive or forget. but i have learned we always need a reason to forget or we will be walking with no sense. It is great, and it makes me remember how i could love someone some years ago. Thanks ;)

Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, Matt, it indeed is hard to accept, when a person goes without saying goodbye. One feels kind of cheated.
But, finally one has to accept the reality and move on...