I set fire to what we had

symptoms of a heart attack but it's not
stop drop lost all the feelings you got
bought ten roses and some faith for this girl that I sought

I set fire to what we had but it doesn't burn
it won't stop hurting learning that I'll never learn
turn away from this day and the love that I yearn
discern some meaning maybe wake up to find this time I was dreaming
maybe you leaving was a nightmare I'm concieving
bleeding this lie cause I find the truth stops me from breathing
seething seeking seeing way more then you could be believing
me when I say, I love you but you don't
want to try but you won't, want to cry I'm alone
want to die cause my tries lead to a goodbye in my note
understand from this man ten thousand songs that I wrote
and you're the only one that could kick me in the throat
tell me we had nothing sink my dream of a boat
hurt me so bad and still you can keep me afloat

just the sound of your voice, a laugh or smile
pile up all the pain, stain my soul and defile
you make me hurt like a thousand painful blades meanwhile
I'm still a little happy cause at least I got to know
a glimpse of a dream I'll never fully let go
and you should know even though I'm way far below
even though you won't believe me it's true you and I
had, have way more then what you think is inside
hide what you feel since you realized you lied
denied a ride to the prize before you decided to try
why? I don't know, don't have an answer for that
racked up an impressive list of what I'll never get back
stack this on top of what I might never get past
last just long enough to watch all my dreams get smashed
crashed and burned fast with the stone that I cast
asked for so little, broke a heart that was brittle
flashed past a dream and love to find myself in the middle
twiddle my thumbs and wait for you to see
glance at a chance of romance between you and me

pray that we will be more than this empty thing
collecting regretting letting go of our setting
a picture of a night we might be ressurecting
after checking to see what we're expecting
but no, it won't happen, I see that you're gone
a long explanation that's the point of this song
how I'm feeling and thinking even if this is wrong
sorry I fell for someone that's amazing
saving some fuel for the fire thats blazing
saying waiting caving into an emotion that's fading
debating trading my heart for the craving

I know I should let go, I know I should stop
I know I should drop all this baggage I got
but it's not as easy to leave as I thought
I guess if I was like you, I could just not try
I could say goodbye without an explanation of why
but I'm not like you cause I do still care
bare my soul and believe in what's there
and you should know I'll be waiting for what we could share
even after it's gone, even if it's gone now
I'll hold on for as long as my strength will allow

Poetry by matt
Read 577 times
Written on 2007-12-30 at 00:35

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