burden to bear, finished. (renamed brink of despair)

another night I spent dreamin' lookin' at the sky
screamin' gleamin' full of the who and the why
try to watch what's meaningful pass me by
as I lie in silence and the wake of my sigh
I realize I'm sick of the blue in the dusk
of the new in the us, of the true and the must
of the pain in the now post-stumble into lust
of watching peoples lives crack and crumble into dust
hear honesty rumble and then just fade off the bluff
trade off the cuffs stay layed off the drugs
played a game where a finger's worth more then a hug
where a poor man's worth judged less then a bug
oh tell me when you think that guy's had enough
guess he's not so tough since it's rough to get up
talk him down if he's around and then say what's up
stick around now, oh there's lots to see
got to stop to be, real no not to be
the one who's layin' tracks of hypocrisy
not to see glee lost in me
dropped a clock tick tock
time stops for me
drops the heart feel better so you forever say no
clever way try to sever the pain but you never let go
letters say whatever you play however you go
just know the color of the one beatin' below
meetin' the quo you know that good seed's got to go
he bleeds needs of the soul, but you see through the
true me knew see feed the hole greeds got control

you can never see someone's burden to bear
life's never as simple as what you see right there
so next time before you speak some ignorant air
think float or sink, drink from the brink of despair

it's not about how much money you make
bein' funny and fake, to be running and take
away from everything and never be anything
regret lettin' your dreams settle, now that's a mistake
life is short, so don't waste a minute
driven by a motive to take less then you're given
don't die wishin' happy''s how you shoulda been livin'
love, live, shoot for the gold and number 1 blue ribbon
don't get stuck on the past, but don't live too fast
it's not about answers, just the questions you ask
not about how much time you might have
you should worry 'bout as much as a newborn lab
if you got no money, no job and no things
it's fine if you still got a smile and dreams
cause all the while it seems
people might of lost sight of real life, love
and what is means to live well enough to see
happy is what matters, that's all you need to be
so don't judge, don't hate, don't settle, and don't wait
and waste away in pain and what you never got to say
cause it's never too late and hey

you can never know if your life will be spared
so take a moment, let people know that you care
cause if you stay too scared, till they're no longer there
you might drown and sink, drink from the brink of despair

mean it when you're sorry, give people a chance
enhance your standards don't let go of romance glance
back at what you knew and don't forget to dance in the rain
its never the same so love like you feel no pain
live like you think its fair
love like you have no brain
live like you always care

Poetry by matt
Read 585 times
Written on 2007-12-31 at 15:18

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sorry took me so long to come here and read this. Realy good matt, beautiful spirit in this song/poem, its got hope in it. From personal exprerience, its when you cant feel happiness, and feel you can never feel it that you really lose.