an acrostic and redsand sprinkled story bout a relative of ours down in Santa Fe, thanks Annie

by Emelén and Lourdes

and their ghost

The Story Of Bob Dollar


Just a plain ol town it was

Until a man and a story came to life

Staining a towns bootcolored memory sheet

Travelling from jawline to jawline wearing it red


A woman once got in trouble just like her mother once did


Few months later    and then some

Esther Dollar gave life to Bob

What then followed is still the talk of town


Quote me right when I say

Unlike ever before seen or done , or so I think,

Esther delivered her baby herself by cutting the belly open

Steelwirecutter in her right hand

Toolbox sewingkit in her left

It didn't save her life

On that day   however        she saved his

Nursing his dead mother he was found by his grandfather

So the story of Bob Dollar begins

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 1340 times
Written on 2008-01-23 at 19:41

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English War Veteran aged 98
Flip! Is that DIY surgery ?! I think I am gonna be sick ......

...Because it's always the strongest women who love most...

Kathy Lockhart
dear daughters how i have missed you so. And, now here you have written such a bittersweet story-- that of a sacrifice of a mother for her son. You held me spellbound, gripping me with each line. Oh, with your vivid mind-bending imagery you have created such a story that will haunt me as I see and feel the magnitude of her sacrifice as she lay down her life for her baby.
Beautifully told. In my Favorites. xxx love, mother

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey baby welcome back and a wonderful return well done
rgds mike