I love lawn movers



I love lawn owners


Love movers move lawn

Oh move lovers

Versus love movers

Ecstasy of lawn lovers


Let´s love movers

And lawn doers

Why  not love flowers

Nobody loves move owners

So move law lovers

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 1242 times
Written on 2009-07-09 at 00:19

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Ghost of Heino
I love mowers mops moffers and miips. I know you are dead now but it is nice to see you again here L. We miss you.

Zoey Jane
Such an adorable poem!

I thought this read I love, 'I love lawn mowers' and of course I was tired when I read it, all's I could think about in my tiredness was a man I know that literally loves lawn mowers. He sleeps with them and fixes them, his passion is lawn movers but their mowers. He fixed our mower once and we never went back to him, just gets heated up about mowers. :) Interesting play on words here and I love a nice cut lawn. :)

limited to moan loners

Nobody owns lone moaners...