not what you want me to be

i've stayed locked up in my mind,

making it so much harder to find,

the person i know is buried beneath,

all you want me to be, up to my teeth,

all that i've tryed to be,

because you wanted it from me,

from the very begining i should have seen it,

made it clear so you never put up with it,

the flaws i've hidden eating me up inside,

they've came through no matter how hard i hide,

im not at all what you wanted me to be,

the silly feelingless drone,

that i do not want too be,

but it's the friend you'd rather know,

alot of the time i wear my heart on my sleeve,

but i never let it get to deep to see,

whats on my mind but it affects,

all the things in our lives and all the defects,

is because im not what you want me to be,

maybe it'd be harder to leave,

when im your object, your whore,

and i never stop asking for more,

sew a strap to my back and i'd be your purse,

burrying all my feelings till they take me to that hearse,

hollowing me out for your things, your concerns, your fears,

filling my mind with your insults, your belittleing and my tears,

how hard is it to see, is it to conceive,

im not able to fit in to conformity,

im not what you want me to be.





Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1160 times
Written on 2008-05-08 at 11:26

Tags Conformity  Friend  Empty 

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