Predators are sentenced to kill those sentenced to life as prey. Life is merciless to both until death sets them free.


The rustle of shrubs that caress my fur
Blends with strewn rumor filling the air
The warning of my arrival I thus defer
Surprising anyone, anytime, anywhere
Scattered rays of sunlight that pierce
Through many levels of countless leafs
Dance on the pattern that appears
In gold and black pentagon weaves
Images of a marauder dressed to kill
It is me, meant to make life still

I pilfer through the foliage and mud
While my sensors search and lock
Sensing razor like thorns that cut
Through the frail flanks of a buck
That is desperately trying to run
As all his hopes gradually fade away
I know the hunt will soon be done
And this unforgiving, deadly foray
Will give me fresh flesh and blood
For escape me, he surely can not

A 1000 pair of eyes opened wide
Caught by what is about to occur
Watching the deer, unable to hide
Afraid like never before they were
Faster and faster we dash through
The dense structures of the wood
That will be colored in cherry hue
After the buck has been subdued
I know for sure I'm almost there
While I taste the deer's despair

The scent of fear fills my nostrils
I know I'm very close to him now
I can savor the cold in his chills
Lick the sweat oozing off his brow
I hear splashing a few feet ahead
And the cries of one who knows
That he will before long be dead
Paralyzed by the fear that grows
Beyond his frail flesh and bones
Holding on to life he barely owns

I squat before leaping for the kill
A deadly silence surges the forest
Life seems to hold its breath until
It will admit that life does not last
And while I soar through mid air
Yoking my sharp fangs and claws
I can not see the buck anywhere
I break my brain what did cause
This delicious little young deer
To suddenly furtively disappear

* * * * * * *

Ambling away, indifference I mime
I tell myself: Better luck next time

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Poetry by Rage of Reason
Read 650 times
Written on 2008-05-25 at 02:00

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Ah the one deer that got away huh? Must have been bambi!lol I love the way you create the tension in this almost Kipling style poem of the Hunter and the hunted....The ending was quite ironic! Mmmmmm A Jaguar huh? I have been known to be called that myself!lol Smiling at you through the dense undergrowth, Tai

Gripping...well done!

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
This is good, reminded me of a poem Mountain Lion by D H Lawrence -