All over the world the affluent and rich (who do not lose money but merely move it elsewhere) force the poor to pay more by staging some type of surrogate disaster. Those who question the legality of these charades wonder when people will fight back.

Save the rich !

Save the rich, miserable sobs!
Donate generously in order to
Repair more perplexing flops
The nation is counting on you
To forget they oppressed you
And cruelly abused your kind
Uncaringly send your sons to
Die in any war they can find
Just be thankful for your job
And all goods you could buy
Stay indebted until you drop
And kindly donate 'til you die
Be compliant and selflessly
Pay taxes like a good patriot
To jointly show all we can be
One people, or you'll be shot
This is a time to be resolute
Save the poor banks in need
That used to nail you real good
Or kick your ass on the street
After you've missed a payment
Even if you told them you can't
Feed your kids who cry all day
They make you PAY, PAY, PAY!

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Poetry by Rage of Reason
Read 684 times
Written on 2008-10-05 at 14:18

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vladimir todor turmanev
Whatever ideas you have I'm with you.Please don;t think of socialism.I'm tired of waiting in line to use the shit-house and eating rotten turnip soup. Othewise,"Up the proletariat"!

Today, just like 2000 years ago, the people eat bad bread, watch circus shows, pay, and die...