The Huna shamen of Hawaii say that we are living in a mass hallucination. Man on average uses 5 - 10 % of his brain capacity; he is almost brain dead.

Inside your dream

We first met inside your dream
A mere blink of the mind's eye
Where whim and symbol teem
To brusquely exist and then die
Where death can not touch life
And awareness leaves no clue
For the dreamers to survive
Only faint riddles for me and you

All stops the instant you awake
You barely pay attention to it
I disappear just before daybreak
To hide myself inside your wit
Where I wither in old memories
Waiting for tomorrow night
During the day I keep my peace
And silently stay out of sight

Each night below blackened skies
You fall in sleep's fathomless mist
Covered under a blanket of guise
Allowing me to creep unnoticed
Into the dream inside your mind
I meander through pain and fear
And memoirs you left behind
Anticipating for you to appear

Many nights in many dreams
I visited you in many shapes
Hiding in glooms and gleams
Or in the bright light that escapes
The black hole of your heart
That was vacant for so long
Unsure if I am able to impart
The peace to make it strong

I've loved you and scuffled you
In every way I could think of
But nothing at all I could do
Against the anger of my love
Dream after dream, each night
I have shown you the way to go
But whenever came daylight
Dreams vanished in sun's glow

In dreams, dreams come true
Only there you're allowed to be
The one existence decided to
Trap in illusion outside reality
I'm now used to the screams
Of your unrestrained insanity
So I will imprison you in dreams

Come dream with me, my precious
Weep profusely and rage free
Against the nefarious militias
That do not permit you to be
The love you are deep inside
Let's fight their evil schemes
Incessantly night after night
From the inside of your dreams

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Poetry by Rage of Reason
Read 824 times
Written on 2008-06-08 at 12:58

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author note:

Not sure about the 5-10%. I've recently read that it's not quite to be taken seriously... a bit like the belief it will take 7 years for the stomach to eliminate gum from the system.


fabulous writing, took me right away. made me think of a progression of many reflexions that all interconnect to one another.
This is definitely a style of writing which I appreciate a lot. thanks.