The Babylonian queen of the heaven's - an abomination in the eyes of The Most High - is worshipped unto this day by an ignorant mass of mis informed braindead sheep.

Satan's whore

Your hair dances at each move you make
Encircling your devastatingly pretty face
Flawless, not showing a single mistake
Mesmerizing beauty wrapped in grace
Your breasts rock concurrent and slow
Taking the breath away from gods and men
Causing blood to flow to places below
Leaving them powerless to withstand
The attraction you so casually radiate
Unable to think, they just die to get laid

The absolute power of your femininity
Making even the strongest men weak
Who confuse your magic with divinity
Enticed by your seductive mystique
That coerces them to crave for you
And dream of you night after night
They will never ever come close to you
Nor discover any of the secrets you hide
You intend to always remain a mystery
While ruthlessly preparing their destiny

You don't want men, you want the world
You do not want love, you look for hate
Your powers haven't yet been unfurled
And when they do, it will be far too late
To stop your wish from becoming true
The ones in your life are tools you use
They're slaves who do anything for you
Fools acting as if they've nothing to lose
All their hope and trust they put in you
Because it is the only way to satisfy you

You want pain in each and every caress
And anguish for each being on earth
Destruction and death you process
It was your mission since your birth
You seem to be built for things angels do
From your head down to your heels
But no angel was anything like you
For your ice cold Kiss of Death seals
The fate of the lovers in your arms
Who are mesmerized by your charms
Your beauty conceals a rotten core
Because you are satan's favorite whore

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Poetry by Rage of Reason
Read 692 times
Written on 2008-06-14 at 13:27

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vladimir todor turmanev
My Mama would have loved her.