an airmans last song

tac vests, cuffs, running and more tests
bleeding and fighting here to show your best
lest I drop the act and show I know I won't forget
morph it into something I can use for lit-
-le steps I take, with little breaths I wait
cave my brittle chest in the middle kevlar plate
I live in two worlds hoping it's not too late
one is for my country one's a picture of fate
and in my fate picture world chaos now reigns
dreams of peace now swirled with bloodstains
cause now they're bleedin together, my trust in fate dissapears
and it leaves me in a place with no space for fears
when tears and my cries fall on deaf ears and blind eyes
I sense here that my tries
will take away my past and replace with saved lives

and I know the rising tide of lies and deciet
and pain from my old life will soon die at my feet
but I wake up in the night and still wonder who to blame
the anger and the pain raining down it's the same
a lifetime and 6 months gone by but nothing's changed
sometimes I wanna say fuck it all and just call you
it's all true, you were never there for me but everytime I fall you
help me crawl to my knees and stand tall to
prove to everyone that thought I was a piece of shit I had the balls to
fight for your freedom when I raised my right hand
sign 6 years of my life away to make a stand
and I did it all for you even though you did me wrong
and I still love you though you don't know or give a shit about a song
or that I've been bearing this burden knowing what you did all along

so I'll be fightin and sweatin until this is it
and I'll be bleedin and killin people and breakin their shit
no mistakes never quit show what it takes to be fit
to fight and deploy overnight
and give the life I was given for the stars and the stripes
I look inside and what do I find
the broken heart and memories and lies you left behind

I pray out of the 2 of us you can get some sleep
that you don't go to the E.R. for dehydration and heat
you don't collapse from the strain you can stay on your feet
that you never know what I did and all I went through
and that I can find the courage to stay away from you

Poetry by matt
Read 592 times
Written on 2008-10-07 at 08:46

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