Just a fictional write about how sorry some people are and how vulnerable some mama's are toward their no good sons. Wrightsville is a prison here in Arkansas for that matter I could have used Tucker (which is another prison here) instead. I actually he


Mama they want to send me to Wrightsville.
I promise that I won't do it again.
You know down there a man has to stay locked up all the time.
He can never go into town carousing around.
What will I do if I can't get drunk and be with my women?
Mama what will I do if I never get to see you?
Please don't let them take me away.
Please not today: I promise that I will be good.

Son, I will try to protect you just like I always have.
But, you know it is wrong to kill and rob.
That just isn't your job.
I'm not sure if I can help this time.
Your Dad ran away with that other woman.
He is no good and won't help at all.
This may be your downfall.
However, I will try my best to protect you and keep you out of Wrightsville.
I hear that it is an evil place and much to rough for a good boy like you.
You are my baby and I will protect you if I possibly can.

They found me guilty Mama, but I can't go.
Mama maybe they will let you go in place of me.

Poetry by Damon
Read 595 times
Written on 2008-11-07 at 20:06

Tags Prison  Mama  Son 

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