I felt the need to write one about something other than death. Enjoy!!!

Fondling the Keys!

I feel as if I am cheating on my wife sneaking off this way to fondle the keys.
Still in anticipation they do moan.
They wait in silence waiting for me to return home.
I know they are right here at home while I am out earning the living.
Those keys aren't out seeing what meanness they can get into with other keys--
Like a woman goes out with her girl friends or even another man.
When I get home I just can't wait to begin fondling the keys once again.
For I know right here at home they have waited all day long and all alone
I write all night, because it is such a pleasure to fondle the keys.
Now don't tell me anything about cheating. Please!!

Poetry by Damon
Read 1125 times
Written on 2010-04-08 at 03:33

Tags Cheating  Wife  Keys 

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mark nwagwu
this work makes me ask, Damon, can you please give us a poem on what goes on in your mind as you 'romance' your lonely keys - seems you leave too much to the imagination.