This is a short story that I told my wife last week when we were out riding one day. We got married soon after meeting and are still learning about one another. I asked her to marry me on the second date, so we don't know one another very well.

My Earliest Memory

Yesterday--I was talking to my wife.
We began talking about the beginning of life and early memories.
I don't have any specific early memories.
I remember a lot of things that happened fairly early in my life, but I don't have any idea just when any of them happened.
She told me that she can remember playing with her Bantam chickens when she was three.
I thought for a while wondering what I could say since I didn't have any specific early childhood memories.
I am pretty much a comedian and always looking for a way to make people laugh.
Then it struck me what to say, and I said this to her; "I remember when I was being born. The doctor said, 'Push Ethel Push.'"
I said, "It seemed like my air was being shut off, so I reached out pushed her legs a little farther apart and yelled He said Push not Squeeze, and hurry I am about to suffocate in here."
Geneva simply smiled and said, "Now we know what is wrong with you is the lack of oxygen to your brain when you were being born."

That was the perfect comeback, but I couldn't let it end there and told her that I had to yell several times: "Push, Push, not Squeeze."

I finally just leaned over picked up my suitcase put on my cowboy hat and walked out with a big grin on my face.

Short story by Damon
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Written on 2011-10-30 at 03:55

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