I wrote this in 2005 and posted it on Creative-Poems then forgot about it.  I was visiting there earlier tonight and thought I would bring it and share it here.  I hope everyone here enjoys it as much as The Brewers did that day when it was f

A Good Tale

We are a storytelling people-we people from the south do enjoy a good tale. The Brewer family is no exception; we have many stories to tell-several of them on ourselves.Last year at our family reunion, we were going to tell about something that happened to us when we were young. Someone said, "I can't tell a story." We were told-"We are not going to tell them. We are going to write down a few words on paper and everyone else is going to guess who wrote it." When the stories were being read, they came across one that said (A few words on a piece of paper.) Someone laughed and said, "There is only one person that would write that. Aunt Goode doesn't have an imagination at all, and that has to be hers." Sure enough it was hers; Goode said that she never did have an imagination that allowed for storytelling.A friend of the family was there and told a story that happened to her when she was young and visiting some of the family. Several people guessed who that story belonged to-some of them thought it was one of mine, but she finally told us that it belonged to her.Jola, one of our cousins told about two of my brothers and another cousin going swimming in Cedar Branch. Jola said that while they were skinny dipping she slipped up and stole their clothes, so they had to walk home naked. They were about one-half mile from the house.Everyone had a good laugh; we were laughing with them not at them, because the cousin and both brothers were laughing just as hard as anyone else. Like I said, "Brewers are a fun loving bunch, and we enjoy a good tale even when it's on ourselves."

Poetry by Damon
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Written on 2009-02-18 at 05:55

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Thanks Kathy--I appreciate the comment very much, and yes if your family loves jokes like that I think we would all get along great too. There are a few of us that are sticks in the mud, but for the most part we all love jokes even on ourselves.

Thanks again my friend.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
you Brewers remind me of my kin. I think our families would get along wonderfully. Thanks for posting this here Damon; I really enjoyed it for sure! : ) kathy