Eh, I don't like this one so much...


Cheerleaders giggle and flip their hair
Jocks point and laugh at others
The inferior kind...
The goths wear black and nothing else
and see the world for what it truly is
The nerds with their glasses and pocket protectors
see their treatment is unfair but don't say a word
The punks wear pink, black, and red and
drown their sorrow in loud music
The hippie wear bright colors and tye dye
and think of all the good in the world
The gangsters lounge in baggy clothing
and make rhymes about their lives
But I
I am not any of these
I am me

Words by IronicBanana
Read 674 times
Written on 2006-02-01 at 01:26

Tags Ew  Label  People 

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I was commented on what a true punk was. Apparently they went to "raves". No, this is what a true punk is. Thank you! :))
But I like this text. I am what I call a "drifter". I am friends with people from many different groups.

I like this one. Although not all hippies wear bright clothes. ::::} Nice write!!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
and that is why we love you
faults and all.
I like this.