Thoughts are so disruptive....

Mind and Heart

Why will my heart not see? It's adventure is over, it needs a new love.
Still, my feelings linger, my mind still wanders. Will it ever cease?
Her face is in my mind, my memories stirring and it all seemed so well.
Why did it fail? Why can't I try finding another?

I feel her in my heart, a great warmth still burning.
I wonder and I sigh, this is of no use to me.
She's with another man and she looks at him with joy.
I feel green demons stinging, and their whispers hurt my mind and heart.
But they fight a losing battle, as I know she's mine no more.
I wish her to be happy, and all the best.

No matter what happens I'll love her forever, her face in my mind, the memories still warm.
I just wish it was easier, that I found someone else for my heart to care for.
Why am I so clumsy, so shy and afraid?
I don't dare to ask. What if they don't care? Just want me as a friend, not willing to try and see?
I don't know how to ask, to think or even act.

I feel so lost, so completely without an idea.
I sit and wonder what to do, my homework mounting, my assignments on hold.
This has to be fixed, I need to focus on my work, my mind not my heart.
Why is all this so hard?

Poetry by QuiZZer
Read 1016 times
Written on 2006-02-03 at 08:30

Tags Love  Thoughts 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
It will get easier.
You are a great person.