Don't blame me

Love is something crazy
Love is something innocent
Love I used to dislike
Love I used to make fun about
May be because, I never knew what love was
But he made me discovered love is gorgeous

Throughout you were gentle man
I'm sorry if my words are poison
Those little silly things made him win my heart
Those little things you never shown me even once
My intension was to be your wife
My intension wasn't to destroy your life
In your absence he treated me like a queen
Unbelievable in my entire life what he has done no one has done

So please don't blame me
Don't blame me for falling in love
Don't blame for breaking your heart
Don't blame for betraying you without mercy

Though I know, I committed a mistake
And in your eyes I committed a sin
Forgive me please, don't hesitate
Don't blame please, I'm not an angel

Copyright Zainab 2009

Written on 17th July 2009

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 731 times
Written on 2009-07-17 at 16:31

Tags Heartbreak 

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normaly the real love comes from good relation between man and woman and no love without meeting face to face thanx for this text