Mended Contradiction

You're a man of an unidentified bizarre
Yet I'm a woman whose attitude is vulgar
Your wearing apparel is full of adornment
Yet here I am who's plainly dress and patch-mended.
Modern dressed or out-fashioned it doesn't matter
It is my desperate eagerness to know you
But my mind is slanting downward and oblique
My heart is disjoined and I am getting psychic.

My mind's aspiration of getting to know you
Is giving me lots of stupid anxiety
My heart's anxiousness is turning in zipping fear
'Cause I think you've got bitter personality.
The aperture of my love for you is abridged
Because of my repressive and fascist belief
The fact that you won't let me invest in your life
And take the place to be your heart's proprietor.
My conscience haunts me because of my denial
I deny to myself that I like you a ton
I deny the fact that I've got a crush on you
Now I'm living in guilt and manic depression.

The feeling I have inside will be left unsaid
It is the best way not to live in misery
But my mind and my heart are in a big contradiction
But I do know to which body I should stick.
I let my mind won in a love competition
The feeling I have in my heart will soon to fade
This will hurt me but I know I will recover
This will take a long time but soon will be over.

I put my heart in state of oblivion
A forever amnesia of you all alone
I buried my heart in a place that's cold and dry
With one last look at your picture and a goodbye.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 430 times
Written on 2009-07-20 at 14:56

Tags Contradiction  Lie 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
extroidinary use of language that brings us to the simple realization of an unrequieted love. I enjoyed the challenge of deciphering each line as the story unfolded.