Solitary At Concert

Mislead me with your thoughts
And I will consume my compassion
I will walk above the waters
And fly beneath the heavens.

I always believe in you
I trusted you with my whole life
But fume you shared with me
Claims a set of my falling knives.

You are my dearest papercut
But I'm nothing to you
You are my prettiest valentine
But you showed me no sympathy.

It's your mirror that blinds
The reflection that is so crystal
It's heart in shape and form
But a killing gun in every soul.

I answered your gun with my knife
And we wrestled 'til eternity
We created soundless wars only us can hear
We created deluded thoughts only us can fear.

Alone in this endless battle
Our estranged souls wandered in this world
We are beginnings in our own ends.
We are nirvana in our own pain.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 879 times
Written on 2009-07-20 at 16:33

Tags Pain  Fear  Love 

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Two souls in their separated agony! Wow Jean, you express their endless pain in fine musical tune...A Solitary Concerto in A Major Tragedy...pricks my mind.

A fine first read, welcome to poetbay.

Smiling at you