What's with untangle?
Unravel and unfold?
Who cares about translation?
English to French
Like "I'm sorry" to "Je suis desolee"
Why need to interpret?
It doesn't make sense.
Spill out.
Reveal a secret they say.
"Hush! Keep it inside.
Don't draw blood."
Simplify an answer.
Solve a problem.
Explain a solution.
Clarify an explanation.
It was a cycle.
A cycle? Broom! Broom! Broom!
A bicycle? A tricycle?
Oh, it's confusing.
Now there is enlightenment.
What is to be enlightened?
Why enlighten who needs it?
Elucidate. Ah!
Elucidate the damn enlightenment for the groundless.
What is to decode?
Was it to decode?
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
The Devil's Code by John Sandford
They said, "Decode! Decipher! Construe! "
Construe? Hallelujah!
What is to construe?

Hunt the words of relevance.
Chaos to the ungenuine clarity
Oh, incomprehensible.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 462 times
Written on 2009-07-21 at 14:31

Tags Confusion  Decode 

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Loved this rant at the incomprehensible...fine title which gives us the answer to the problem of conforming to social expectations of comprehending...just forget it. Just be, daily.

A real eye opener...smiling at you