Based on a song by Randy Travis by the same name.

I Told You So!

Lady, I told you don't go!

Remember when you were leaving?

I told you you'd want to come back someday.

Don't you remember how I said there would be no way that if you abandoned me while I was down, you would have to stay gone when I got back up?

I said there would be no coming back crying like a little whipped pup.

Now, I'm up--you're down--stay gone. Don't cry or make a frown.

Don't ask--don't even think about it! I see the pleading look in your eyes, but keep your words to yourself. Remember, "I told you so--" so long ago. I told you eventually the time would come when you'd want to come back.

You only laughed and said, "No way you ever would--"so just stay gone and don't even ask, because "I told you so," and that the answer would be, "No."

Poetry by Damon
Read 785 times
Written on 2009-09-02 at 04:45

Tags Leaving 

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Kathy Lockhart
I love Randy Travis; his music is so down to earth and real. Your writings are the same Damon. Like I told you before, you remind me of my daddy and some of his tales. He would have enjoyed this text with a little chuckle and something witty said. : ) kathy