this was a dream I once had, didn't really make sense..but that's what dreams are for, to confuse you. So I made it into a short story.....and is a slightly exaggerated :]

The Blur of Waves

I lay there silently in the dark and glance out my window seeing the sky, which was a purple- blue shade, like a canvas swirling with paint. The clock across the room glowed in green numbers, it read five in the morning. The cool summer air leaked through the window screen, onto my skin. Before I knew it I was being slowly lulled to a deep sleep.
I woke up and found myself in an unfamiliar place, but somehow I saw recognizable faces playing baseball and effortlessly carousing around a strange park, that I had never been to before. The clouds drifted across the sky as I walked up a narrow hill, enclosed by trees. My mind saturated with unknown thoughts. Behind me I heard several voices in a crowd, although I only hear one. I turn around and see him, standing there. A boy my age, a little taller than me with longish blond hair, who wore a confused smile.
"Hey, Jess." He said softly. "Do you want to go over there? If you want to talk, I mean." I looked across the park to see an abnormally large lake, that seemed so far away. We started walking as everyone else on field started to fade away behind us, as if they were never there. Within a few minutes the shoreline was a few feet away.
"It's strange...from the park, the lake seems miles away, but when you start walking, it's not even that far" I said, sort of to myself. Suddenly unaware of his proximity.
"Yeah, it's like an illusion, I've never thought of it that way."
Without warning, the grass slowly receded as if it were a head of hair on a middle aged man, leaving only the water expanding ahead and miles of sand behind us. I looked up at the sky again, as it unexpectedly turned from slightly overcast to flawlessly blue. The sun high in the sky, shining in our eyes.
In the now-balmy climate, we stood against the shore, jumping over the ripples that came underneath us as the tide advanced, as if it were a natural instinct. We laughed when the more forcibly strong waves knocked us down and drenched our clothes. This, I realized, was a scene that I would never consider replacing within the very depths of my thoughts.
It seemed so real, but still so fabricated that I almost couldn't believe I was standing there. I looked over at the boy who I still could hardly see, from befuddlement. I saw his lips moving but I could not hear his voice. The setting was so astonishing that I just gazed out at the endless sea, listening to nothing but the crash of the waves.
"Jess, are you okay?" He asked with concern. The irony of his tone of voice struck me like a thousand cinder blocks all at once. The previous year when I first met him, obliviousness and levelheadedness made up the whole vicinity around him, but yet I managed to be somehow swept away by him? How was it now that forbearance was now overcoming him?
"Hm..? Oh, yeah, I'm fine." I said, emerging from my revelation, which should of been more than obvious beforehand.

Short story by Jess W.
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Written on 2009-11-18 at 01:59

Tags Clouds  Waves  Dream 

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
Ahh... dream stories. I love them so I can not hold myself back from commenting on this.

Firstly I was intrigued by your comment that dreams are meant to confuse us. Although I understand how they can create confusion I see their purpose as the complete opposite, that is; as long as one can understand the important symbolism while at the same time seeing them only as that, signposts, and not getting caught up in any realistic impressions.

So, if you will allow me to, I will give you a brief interpretation of some parts of this dream. I'm not a dream analyst by the way, but some of these images are so simple and obvious that I think even a sceptic might be agreeable to the messages they hold within them.

Awaiting your permission, with no sense of obligation I might add.