written about a dream i had last night it was really creepy.. don't judge it on it's title please

That is my dream.

Dawn is passing
I must wake up
from this dream where
I am trapped like a pup.

The dream man has come
to take his prize
but he cannot have her
he can keep his lies.

The windows shatter
slicing her flesh with an invisible knife
she runs down the stairs
leaving me with her life.

He starts to follow
but I let out a scream
"I will kill you man!
That is my dream!"

He runs back up
and grabs for my throat
I'm up against the wall
my feet start to float.

My eyes dart around
checking for mirrors or an aid
to let him see the glint
of my sharpened blade.

Pulling it out
I slice with a flow
knowing that it
was not the final blow.

He laughed with a cackle
and let out a sigh
"Not quite" he said
however his end is nigh.

I yanked out my sword
from his ruined back
and chopped off his head
with a clean driven hack.

My mother was safe
her pursuer dead
I woke up just then
my body like lead.

Poetry by Mary
Read 644 times
Written on 2006-02-13 at 03:01

Tags Protector  Killing  Dreams 

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Scary dream, but it shows strength and courage, and you tell it very well.
:) No wonder you woke up like lead after all this action!

Sent a shiver down my spine. Thank God it was only a dream.

so that's the spooky one you were talking about in ciencas naturelles? (no hablo espanol...) anyway, yeah.
i likeeeeeeeeeeey it.

Zoya Zaidi
Oh! my God what a scary dream!
Did you recover from it quickly, or does it still haunt you?


Love,xxx, Zoya

purple fire
Pretty scarey for a dream more like a nightmare I think, enjoyed it.

Very intense...shudder...eee...but it's good!

Reading poems while listening to music isn't too smart... I probalby shoudn't do that anymore... I liked it. Intense.

Wow. Intense!