My feelings on Politicians and their treatment of the lowly taxpayers.

In the Local Paper Today!

I was reading The Log Cabin Democrat today, which is a local newspaper located in Conway, Arkansas when I came across a cartoon. It showed a photo of a man visiting his doctor and the doctor saying this, "To see if your health insurance can save your life or just make you feel a little bit better we need to know if you're a government politician or a common taxpayer." I have known for a long time that the politicians especially the ones in D.C. don't use Social Security for their retirement plan, and I learned a few months ago that they have much better insurance than we do too. They have doctors that come to their offices rather than the politicians having to go to the doctors office. When has that happened last for the common taxpayer? The Democrats brag about how great Social Security is, so I have one question. If it is so wonderful, why don't the politicians go on it and do away with their retirement system that sucks so badly? I know theirs costs us more than the social security does and if they would do away with it--it would save so much money, because as the Presidents die off the newer ones wouldn't be getting paid for life just like they are still in office. Man, I really hate Politicians as a general rule no matter what party they associate themselves with.

Tell me what you people think. Am I way off in my opinion on this, or do we deserve just as good as the government people do in both retirement and insurance?

Words by Damon
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Written on 2009-10-25 at 03:19

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